Program Description 
Downing Clark HOPE Center & Academy is licensed by the Georgia Department of Human Services, Office of Residential Child Care Licensing Section to operate a 72 bed “Child Caring Institution”. Downing Clark HOPE Center & Academy is cradled in 25 acres surrounded by hills and dense gorgeous trees. This peaceful serene private treatment Center exudes the HOPE of recovery from trauma.

Downing Clark HOPE Center is designed to serve young girls who have been sexually exploited or sexually abused ages 6-17. The Center will serve a gender-specific female population with IQ’s that may begin in the 50’s and have serious emotional and/or behavioral issues as a result of the trauma they have experienced that can interfere with their ability to function in their family, school, and community. These girls require more intensive therapeutic services than can be offered on an outpatient basis.

Downing Clark HOPE Center offers a secure intensive treatment setting in that the facility is locked and the entire 25 acres is enclosed with a fence. To prevent unauthorized access to the facility an electronic iron gate continuously monitored by a video surveillance camera is located at the main road entrance. Persons wanting entry into the facility must activate a buzzer which is wired to several designated computers. The video component at the main gate avails a picture of the persons requesting entry to approved designated computer monitoring screens as an additional safety precaution. In addition to the fence surrounding the property, there are numerous safety barriers to include: the fence enclosing the swimming pool; the fenced pasture and fenced horse riding rink, etc. The residential Downing Clark HOPE Center is a high quality treatment program provided in a home like “kid friendly” environment with bright, colorful and individualized rooms.
Daily Life Skills Training
  • Good housekeeping, personal hygiene & wellness, laundry & clothing care, managing money, cooking & nutrition, basic first aid.
Gender Specific Curriculum - "This one's for the girls!!"
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Pregnancy prevention
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease's 
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexual abuse/exploitation, etc.
Counseling: Individual, Group and Family
  • Looking “outside of the box” for healing solutions.
  • Master’s level trained therapists will provide a specific curriculum designed especially for female abuse victims.
  • Examples of group topics shall include:
  • Pregnancy prevention, setting goals and achieving them, substance awareness and education, understanding and establishing healthy boundaries, women's heath care issues, problem solving skills and attitudes, gender-specific values clarification, anger management, sex abuse & victimization, healthy self-esteem, etc.
  • Specific goals will focus on: gaining responsibility for self and others; improved decision making skills; respect for authority; clarifying and solidifying values systems.
Job Training "Real World" Preparation
  • Each girl can reach her fullest potential focusing on her strengths and interests in order to help her strengths and interest in order to help her find a job area that she can be successful in.
  • Job training areas are designed to give the girls a feeling of working in “real world” work places such as a beauty solon, restaurant, commercial laundry facilities, offices w/computers and others.
  • The girls will learn the skills to be a short order cook; waitress; to operate a cash register; shampoo hair; janitorial work; how to do manicures and pedicures among other skills.
Recreational Therapy
  • Physical fitness and developmental needs are met through the use of large outdoor play areas, music & dance, basketball, rollerblading, swimming pool, gardening, bicycling, nature hikes, horseback riding.
  • Learning to cooperate with others and learning to be fair can all be achieved.
Medication Management
  • Safely prescribed by a board certified child psychiatrist and administration monitored by our nursing staff.
Spiritual Services
  • The Program offers opportunities for youth to voluntarily participate in religious activities and to follow their beliefs, such as the attendance at worship, religious observance, and religious study.
As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. Psalm 71:14 TNIV
Community Involvement
  • girl scouts, pet therapy with the elderly, helping at local fire stations with chores, learning to be a good friend, a good neighbor and a good citizen.
Family Reunification
  • Getting families involved is crucial and a major focus of our program.
  • Discharge plans begin at point of admission.
  • Family members, case managers & other caring adults are included in the development of Individual Service Plans.
On-Campus School - Downing Clark Academy
Education is a critical component of success. Therefore, Monday – Friday, each girl will go to school “on Campus” at Downing Clark Academy, a private academy approved by the Georgia Department of Special Education. Full-time special education teachers will make sure each girl’s academic education meets the local requirements of their school community, ensuring that no girl is behind in her schoolwork when she returns home. Here, the girls learn good study habits and the importance of a formal education. Tutoring is provided several nights a week for those girls experiencing difficulties with their academic studies. Because the school is approved, the girls can earn a high school diploma, get a GED or be awarded a special diploma.

There are many benefits to having the girls attend school ”on-campus” as opposed to busing them to public schools. These girls will have serious emotional and/or behavioral management problems that can interfere with their ability to function in their family school and community. Hence, the reason most of them have been placed at Downing Clark HOPE Center. Therefore, the most effective way to successfully educate these girls is through a constant stream of supervision that flows from the Academy being physically located on the property.
9 Core Mental Health Services
  1. Community Support Individual
  2. Crisis Intervention Stabilization
  3. Diagnostic Assessment
  4. Family Training & Counseling
  5. Group Training & Counseling
  6. Individual Training & Counseling
  7. Medication Administration
  8. Nursing Assessment & Health Services
  9. Physician Assessment
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“There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”  -Proverbs 23:18
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